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Sandra Cottam McLemore is a travel industry expert and TV host based in LA.


She can be seen on inflight TV, cruise line channels, Huffington Post, and is often profiled in airline inflight magazines, travel websites and lifestyle magazines as a world travel expert.


She has worked in the travel industry for over 19 years for airlines, cruise lines, TV networks and media agencies.


Sandra also runs Village Girl Marketing, a boutique marketing agency for travel brands specializing in content creation and design. She speaks regularly at travel industry events around the world and in 2018 will launch her new travel magazine. 

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Getting paid to travel is a real thing! It’s not just reserved for travel bloggers or photojournalists. There are 9-to-5s that allow you see the world while you earn an income every week. See the world while getting paid? Travel to your favorite destinations as part of your normal everyday work routine? Yes, you can! Here are three amazing jobs that allow you to travel and earn at the same time!

best jobs for traveling around the world

Travel Nurses

Travel nurses are contracted for short amounts of time, 13 weeks ideally, to fill in for other nurses who may be on maternity leave or if there is a large emergency or shortage of staff. Another reason for this career option exploding is that as baby boomers continue to age, the nursing shortage in this country deepens and requires hospitals to pull in resources wherever they can.

If you’re a nurse, you can even work outside of the U.S., but you’ll earn more by working in the states. It’s a wonderful way to meet new people and see new places. To be a travel nurse, of course, you’ll need to have completed your registered nursing degree, and you’ll also need to be licensed in each state you work. What you’ll typically earn as a travel nurse? On average, $32 per hour (roughly $61,000 per year).

Flight Attendants

Still one of the best-known ways to travel and get paid while doing so! You’ll be required to work through the holidays and birthdays and work really odd shifts, but it’s a small price to pay for the chance to travel anywhere in the world. Be sure to brush up on your customer service skills because dealing with the occasional difficult customers will definitely be part of the job. Flight attendants must go through training and depending on the airline can take anywhere from three-to-eight weeks to complete. On top of the travel benefits, flight attendants can expect to earn $44,860 per year.

Travel Agent

This is first and foremost a sales job, typically commissioned based. What’s wonderful about being a travel agent are the job requirements. In order to provide the best service to your clients, you’ll need to be knowledgeable of the travel industry suppliers and services they offer. But it is work, and in between the massages, there is work to do like meeting with hotel representatives, calling airlines, balancing books, creating itineraries, marketing to new and existing clients and learning about suppliers. I know many travel agents personally who earn in excess of $100K year...easily!

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