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Sandra Cottam McLemore is a travel industry expert and TV host based in LA.


She can be seen on inflight TV, cruise line channels, Huffington Post, and is often profiled in airline inflight magazines, travel websites and lifestyle magazines as a world travel expert.


She has worked in the travel industry for over 19 years for airlines, cruise lines, TV networks and media agencies.


Sandra also runs Village Girl Marketing, a boutique marketing agency for travel brands specializing in content creation and design. She speaks regularly at travel industry events around the world and in 2018 will launch her new travel magazine. 

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Going on a fantastic traveling adventure soon? How exciting! New, places, fascinating experiences, getting away from the dreaded routine, and…and…so much food, so little time!

Trying local dishes is an amazing way to get a cultural insight while having a tasty meal you would never be able to order elsewhere. However, everything comes at its cost, and in attempts to have a bit of everything within a limited timeframe, the sacrifice comes in a form of rapidly growing muffin tops and the frustration of unzipping tight dresses. This scenario is not rare, but it absolutely does not have to happen!

Just follow my easy, reasonable tips to avoid weight gain on vacation, and you won’t have to embrace a strict green smoothie diet when the trip is over

HAVE A PLAN Before going on vacation, most people do a fair bit of planning – what tours to book, what to pack, where to stay etc. Very few, however, plan their meals (unless the trip is gastronomic, or someone in the group is the fussiest foodie in the universe).

If you want to keep your weight consistent while having the time of your life, changing this opportunistic approach to meals in favor of a little bit of planning will go a long way!

First, always have a small healthy snack (an apple, a handful of your favorite nuts or some rice crackers and cheese, for instance) in your bag – trips are full of unexpected delays and little accidents, and being hungry in such instances is a sure way of finding yourself holding an empty cookie pack or a huge serve of fries.

Second, when planning a route, note what restaurants are close to the places you are intending to visit, do some research beforehand and make a list of the venues offering healthier, more balanced menus. Before I head to the airport I Google what eateries are in the terminal I am flying out of. Then I know if I need to eat before I go, take something with me or can eat there. I just don't like being caught with no options because it's quick way to end up at the airport donut shop!

YOU CAN EAT ANYTHING... IN MODERATION ​To ensure you are actually enjoying yourself and relaxing during your trip, as opposed to counting every little calorie that lands in your mouth, implement a moderation approach and choose wisely.

There is no need to say “no” – instead, get into a “just a little bit, please” mentality. Everyone is heading off for a buffet all-you-can-eat dinner? Brilliant, you should definitely join, but remember you don’t actually have to eat everything. Limit yourself to one entrée, one main dish and one dessert – and you will likely eat much less than if you tried to have a bit of everything. Speaking of dessert – that Nutella gelato sure looks amazing, but what about getting just one scoop in a paper cup instead of 3 in a chocolate dipped sugar cone? You get the idea.

Some of my favorite strategies are to order an appetizer only and then split a main meal with my husband. If we know we want dessert we even skip the appetizer. Say no to the bread basket before it even hits the table!


Luckily, not everything is against you when it comes to balancing travel pleasures and pants size. You have so much to explore – take advantage of it and do as much walking as you’re able! Walking is one of the most effective yet gentle forms of aerobic exercise, allowing you to burn a fair bit of extra calories from that last nights’ dinner. So put on your walking shoes, grab a map and discover beautiful, unfamiliar pathways around you!

I'd love to know what you do to keep the vacation pounds off. Let me know below.

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